Fleksi A/S has many years’ experience with CNC wood processing and carries out a wide range of manufacturing tasks on the machines for industrial use, both domestically and abroad.


We offer our services as a regular subcontractor, but also during times of peak load or periodic capacity problems, e.g. in start-up phases, when machines are being repaired and so on.


Carpentry at Fleksi A/S is characterised by modern, reliable equipment, which includes CNC machines, sanding machines, a throughfeed boring machine and a double end tenoner, which can sand both edges with long belt sanding.

Our carpentry process is very flexible and adaptable, and it can therefore handle both large and small projects, e.g. ramps, slits, transport adapters, sorting boards, belts for sorting plants. Common to all the projects/product lines are the company’s quality requirements and focus on precision and flexibility, not to mention on-time delivery. We are simple and straightforward, which allows agreements to be made quickly so that production can begin. As a subcontractor, we are very quality-conscious and value good craftsmanship highly. The employees at Fleksi A/S have many years’ experience in carpentry and are thus very competent and proficient at the craft and the wide range of specialised tasks.