We deal with many different kinds of carpentry, both domestically and abroad, for the kitchen and furniture industry,
for industrial use, exhibitions/interiors/clothing companies, design/architecture and much more.
The wood is usually processed, assembled, mounted, lacquered, packed, stored and distributed to the customer. 

Quality and precision

leads to attractive design

FLEKSI A/S was established in 1986 by Kai Hansen, and today it is run by Johnni Juul Jakobsen. Back then, the company started as a subcontractor to the kitchen and furniture industry. Over the years, in pace with its growing proficiency and experience within carpentry, the company’s professional expertise has expanded to include work within other industries.

Today, the types of projects at FLEKSI A/S are therefore broader and more varied. They extend beyond the kitchen and furniture industry to include tasks related to industry, furniture, exhibitions/interiors/clothing companies, design/architecture and tabletops/doors. This means that the company deals with many different kinds of carpentry, both domestically and abroad.

At FLEKSI A/S, we are flexible in the sense that we quickly adapt to the customer’s needs, we accept orders at short notice and we gladly go the extra mile in stressful times. Our basic goal is for the customer to always receive the delivery on time and preferably early. We are simple and straightforward, which allows for agreements to be made quickly so that production can begin.

FLEKSI A/S goes to great lengths to guarantee quality - and if the task requires contact with other partners, we are very careful to choose companies with the same high quality. We are involved in all sorts of projects and no task is therefore too big or too small.

Selection of customers